Pop Culture Probiotics Wants To Travel With You!

Going somewhere? Don't forget your probiotics!

Probiotics are the “Good Bacteria” your body needs for an optimal immune and digestive system.   Pop Culture Probiotics has made nutritious probiotics foods, that are perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle. 

Whether you are traveling by car, plane, boat, train or foot, you can always take a Pop Culture Probiotic bar or our oatmeal with you!  Now, there is no excuse not to have your daily dose of probiotics, anytime you want! 

If you live an on-the-go lifestyle, we want you to try our products!  Just email us your story, and tell us briefly about your busy life, and we will send you some samples. 

It’s as easy as that!


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Prebiotics and Probiotics

We were just at Expo West in Anaheim, California all weekend long, exhibiting our bars and oatmeal.  Many questions came up about our probiotic source as well as about prebiotics.  Our oatmeal, coupled with the added probiotic of Ganeden BC 30 ( Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086),  makes a complete “pre & pro” biotic breakfast.

To help educate consumers, we found a great article about prebiotics and probiotic benefits from Mayoclinic.com. 

In summary, this very informative article lists flax, wheat  & whole grains: such as oatmeal, and barely all as great sources for prebiotics.     

Check it out: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/prebiotics/AN02032

Prebiotics: What are they?

What are prebiotics? How are they different from probiotics, and what health benefits do they offer?

Answer from Katherine Zeratsky, R.D., L.D.

Prebiotics are nondigestible nutrients that are used as an energy source by certain beneficial bacteria that naturally live in your intestines. Prebiotics are sometimes known as fermentable fiber.

Probiotics, in contrast, are the beneficial, or friendly, bacteria themselves. By acting as a food source, prebiotics give the probiotic bacteria a chance to exert their influence. These friendly bacteria may have several health benefits, from aiding digesting to boosting immunity. But stress, a poor diet, certain medical conditions, medications and other factors may decrease the number of healthy bacteria. Eating a diet that includes prebiotics and probiotics may help restore these friendly bacteria.

The role of prebiotics in the treatment of disease is controversial, and more studies are needed to determine their usefulness. But preliminary evidence shows that prebiotics may have a role in:

  • Improving antibiotic-associated diarrhea
  • Improving traveler’s diarrhea
  • Improving gastroenteritis
  • Normalizing bowel function
  • Improving colitis
  • Reducing irritable bowel problems
  • Aiding calcium absorption
  • Boosting your immune system

Prebiotics occur naturally in a variety of foods, especially high-fiber foods, including certain fruits, vegetables and grains. The main food sources of prebiotics include:

  • Artichokes
  • Bananas
  • Barley
  • Berries
  • Chicory
  • Dairy products
  • Flax
  • Garlic
  • Greens, such as dandelion greens, chard and kale
  • Honey
  • Leeks
  • Legumes
  • Onions
  • Wheat and whole grains, such as oatmeal

There’s no specific guideline on how many grams of prebiotics to consume. Some studies suggest that you should get 3 to 8 grams a day to get the full benefits. In some cases, use of prebiotics may cause intestinal gas. As always, check with your doctor before taking any dietary or herbal supplements to make sure they’re safe for your situation.

(Please note: This article was posted for informational purposes.  Neither the author of this article nor Mayo Clinic have any affiliation with, nor do they directly promote Pop Culture Probiotics.)  For more information please email info@popcultureprobiotics.com.

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Pop Culture Oatmeal with Probiotics is being called “the Complete Breakfast”.

Everyone knows Oatmeal is one of the best breakfast cereal options on the market because it’s great benefits on your body.  The Oats and whole grains are not only great for digestion, but they also contain magnesium, protein, and phosphorus which directly affect energy levels as well as vitamin B1 which is important for producing energy.  The high dietary fiber content gives leaves you feeling full, and helps prevent over eating through out the day.  The probiotics, as in yogurt, are helpful in eliminating harmful bacteria in your digestive system, which in turn, help boost your immune system.  This is the most complete breakfast item any health conscious person could desire, all in an easy ‘on-the-go’ cup!

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From One Blog to Another: Thank you Freckled Foodie for your Write up/Review!


A big thank you goes out to Jack from PopCulture Probiotics for sending me some of their awesome bars for my review!

These bars come in two flavors: Chocolate Chip Granola and Yogurt Fruit & Nut.

For those of you out of the loop, probiotics are a great way to help improve digestive health and boost your immune system.  They help your body maintain a balance of between the beneficial and the harmful bacteria found in your digestive tract.

Pop Culture Probiotics uses the Ganeden30BC product, which is all natural, and conveniently requires no refrigeration,  as their effective probiotic supply in each bar.  These bars actually contain 10X more Live Cultures than yogurt! 

The Yogurt Fruit & Nut bars contain just 90 calories and 4g of protein and uses cranberries, flax seeds, and almonds to creat a tasty and wholesome ingredients list.  It’s like trail mix in a bar! 

Chocolate Chip Granola BarBoth bars were very good!  The Yogurt Fruit & Nut bar boasted puffed brown rice crisps as its base while the Chocolate Chip used granola for its.  I prefered the chewiness of the granola over the crunch of the crisp, but they were both sweetly satisfying. 

I actually popped the chocolate one in the microwave to melt the chips a tad before I ate it and I highly reccomend this method!  It was melt-in-your-mouth, good.  The Chocolate Chip Granola had just 110 calories and 6g of protein! 

Because they don’t need to be refrigerated the way most probiotics do, they are convenient for on-the-go fueling snacks.  Thanks again, Jack!  They were a hit!

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Probiotic Benefits

\\ Probiotic Foods

There is a multi-billion dollar worldwide market for probiotics and it continues to be one of the fastest growing functional food and beverage categories. According to Foodtechnology.com, Americans spent more than $27 billion on functional foods and beverages in 2007.

Traditionally, refrigerated dairy products had been the preferred delivery mechanism for probiotic cultures, but consumers now want more than yogurt. The challenge has been in choosing a strain of probiotic cultures that can flourish outside the traditional dairy market. In the past, most probiotic foods required refrigeration to achieve acceptable shelf lives, thus excluding a huge segment of the food and beverage market. Especially as it relates to shelf-stable dry foods, probiotic options are limited.

Probiotic Cultures

Ganeden’s patented, probiotic cultures, specifically its primary probiotic strain, GanedenBC30™, has unique characteristics that make it an ideal choice for probiotic food and beverage applications. GanedenBC30 has shown to be much heartier than other probiotic strains as its spore-forming nature makes it the only probiotic that survives rigorous mixing, baking and manufacturing processes such as high pressure, high heat and freezing conditions. Visit: http://www.ganedenlabs.com/probiotic-cultures-foods-beverages.php for more details. 

Our two flavors of bars

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Pop Culture Probiotics Grows its Offerings to Include

A Healthy On-The-Go Breakfast Option.

SAN DIEGO (CA) – Pop Culture Probiotics’ introduces on-the-go oatmeal cups as the company’s most timely and anticipated new food item.  

“We know from our success with Pop Culture Probiotic Bars that consumers want a healthy shelf stable product that contains probiotics – the good bacteria” said Jack Kelly, president at PC Brands, Inc. With winter coming on strong, and cold and flu season riding its coat tails, consumers are looking towards our new hot cereal item to provide a warm comfort with the added probiotic benefits. 

Pop Culture Probiotics’ on-the-go oatmeal cups are the ultimate answer to a warm, hearty, and healthful low sugar breakfast, perfect for the whole family. “The entire food industry is shifting towards functional whole foods” Mr. Kelly said, stating that oatmeal is the number one healthy breakfast of choice for consumers. The company has taken the two most popular flavors (maple brown sugar and strawberries and crème) and given them similar benefits to eating a cup of yogurt. 

Pop Culture Probiotics is growing quickly as consumers are becoming more educated about healthy eating and probiotics benefits.  The company is also launching a gluten-free organic high end, macaroni and cheese, due  in early 2010. Pop Culture Probiotics has launched a viral word of mouth promotion via their Face book, Twitter and blog pages by offering to send free samples to any consumer who provides their address.

For more information visit www.popcultureprobiotics.com

About Pop Culture Probiotics

Pop Culture Probiotics found a way to help improve your digestive health in one great tasting nutritional food. Their mission is to provide consumers with all natural products that address specific nutritional and health needs. Their first product line Pop Culture Probiotic Bars, offered in “Chocolate Chip Granola” or “Yogurt Fruit & Nut,” contain a highly effective amount of BC30 Probiotic.

A particular strain of probiotic (GanedenBC30®) was chosen for this product because of its unique ability to survive and reach the digestive system alive where it can provide you with the most health benefits. Pop Culture products are opening up new possibilities for consumers who want non-refrigerated probiotic-enhanced food products that can help regulate the digestive system. These bars are a great way for consumers to get their daily dose of BC30 Probiotic, in a convenient, great tasting on-the-go food.

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Happy Holidays! $10 Rebate for you!

Holiday $10.00 Mail in Rebate

For every 15 count box of Pop Culture Probiotic Bars you buy at SELECT GNC STORES, we will give you $10 back. No limitations. Manufacturer rebate only. Offer Valid from 12-05-2009 to 1-09-2010 at select GNC (General Nutrition Centers) only. Offer not valid with GNC direct or online purchases. To qualify for the Mail-in-Rebate, you must DO the following: 1. Email: info@popcultureprobiotics.com with your zip code to find a GNC store near you carrying Pop Culture Probiotic Bars 2. Mail the Original receipt for Pop Culture Probiotic Bars along with your address. 3. Mail all requirement documents with postmark no later than 30 days after the purchase (no later than February 9, 2010) Date to: Rebate Offer ,P.C. Brands, Inc, 249 South Hwy 101 #504, Solana Beach, CA 92075 Items available for this Mail in Rebate promotion: Chocolate Chip Granola Bar box and Yogurt Fruit and Nut Bar box (15 bars to a box). It NOTE: Please keep a copy of all documents submitted for your records. TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Offer valid on purchase of specified product(s) made in select GNC stores Submit the ORIGINAL sales receipt with your name and address to the address provided. Incomplete forms will be rejected. Your request must be postmarked prior to deadline. Manufacturer is not responsible for lost, late misdirected mail. This offer allows customers to purchase a single product or combination of products identified above. There is no limit on the number of Rebates per customer on this product Promotion. Distributors and dealers may not participate in this offer; this offer cannot be combined with any other Pop Culture promotion. . Requests with invalid or undeliverable mailing address will be denied. Offer limited to consumers only. Your rebate rights cannot be transferred, and this offer is void where taxed, restricted or prohibited by law. Keep copies of all Documents submitted: originals become Manufacturer’s property and will not be returned. POPCULTURE PROBIOTICS, P.C. Brands Inc., Reserves the right to request additional information to validate a claim. Warning: Fraudulent submission could result in federal prosecution under mail fraud statutes (18, USC, Sections 1341 & 1342). Offer valid in U.S only. Promotion limited to stock on hand. Valid at select GNC stores. Please allow 6-8 weeks for processing from the time your submission is received. If you have question regarding to your rebate please email us at info@popcultureprobiotics.com for assistance. All trademarks are registered to their respective owners, P.C. Brands, Inc., Ltd. All rights Reserved 15 Count Box of Pop Culture Probiotic Bars, get $10 back.

At Pop Culture Probiotics we found a way to help improve your digestive and immune health in one great tasting nutritional food. Our Mission is to provide consumers with all natural products that address specific nutritional and health needs. Our first product line – Pop Culture Probiotic Bars contain a highly effective amount of BC30 Probiotic.

We chose a particular strain of probiotic (GanedenBC30TM) for this product because of its unique ability to survive and reach the digestive system alive where it can provide you with the most health benefits. Pop Culture products are opening up new possibilities for consumers who want non-refrigerated probiotic-enhanced food products that can help regulate the digestive system. These bars are a great way for consumers to get their daily dose of BC30 Probiotic, in a convenient, great tasting on-the-go food.

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